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Verdant Wealth Management is a d/b/a of Nelson, Van Denburg & Campbell Wealth Management Group, LLC, a registered investment advisor.  Financial Planning and Investment Management Services are offered through Nelson, Van Denburg & Campbell Wealth Management Group. LLC.

It starts with trust

We understand that allowing us to help guide your financial decisions is no small thing. But to us, managing wealth goes far beyond dollars and cents... it’s about helping you secure your future.


We are people who believe in the power of a strategic plan. As financial planners we create, implement and monitor plans on a daily basis, but we also believe that each plan needs a purpose.


Our firm offers a variety of services that we tailor to your needs. We understand that you come to us with a unique set of concerns and needs, and we’re confident that we can give each individual the care and assistance they require.

By instilling a sense of trust in our firm’s process, as well as our skilled team, we deliver a standard of quality and excellence that’s difficult to match.


Based out of Omaha, NE, we offer a broad range of services for individuals, business owners, executives and more locally and across the United States. 

It's about creating relationships

When we sit down with you to talk about wealth management, we start by understanding who you are and what you value most. Oftentimes this exchange naturally shifts to identifying similar hobbies, showing off pictures of grandchildren or laughing about the family pet that has captured our hearts.

We recognize that the impact of our work extends far beyond our office, and it’s with this in mind that we purposefully pursue our work.


We promise to tell you the truth when it’s good and bad, because being good stewards of your resources means putting your interest first in each decision we make.


Our firm is intentionally crafted to meet your needs. We understand the value in collaborating and leveraging our expertise to map out the best plan for each client.


We know you lead busy lives that are full of family, community and career commitments. That’s why we come alongside you to help guide your financial future and serve you well.






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12110 Port Grace Blvd Suite #100

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